It is amazing how much time I have let go on this blog....writing in general.  There's been this season where I just couldn't find my words.  I have even had a tough time really painting.  But it's all coming back.  And I'm so glad.

So often I am asked why I started painting or how I find time to do it.....& I love those questions because they are reminders for me.
I knew about God & Jesus all my life.....but the relationship & understanding & the freedom came later....& I wish I would've understood this overwhelming love earlier.

I love being a part of a bigger story.
I love getting to put the Word of God in front of these children that I may never even know.
I love getting to put the Word of God in front of these children that I get to watch grow up.
I love praying for them.

When Lee & I got engaged, his grandmother told me that she had prayed for me.
And it overwhelmed me.....this woman who did not know me...prayed for me.
Through my childhood she prayed for me.

 I get to pray for these children & the stories God has written for them.
And I consider it such a privilege.

These past several years have been a story all their own & there hasn't been enough time to put order to this painting thing that I do.
But now that some dust has settled & the naps are officially gone (mine excluded, of course - I'll never drop my nap) & the days seem to have settled into their routine a little bit.  There are some good changes coming .....

....for instance, Neema is officially an LLC!  
I'm getting all growed up & making this thing for real.
The painted name boards are available at Gretchen's in Atlanta & will be coming to more stores real soon!
An etsy shop is in the works.
Garden Market is being planned.
& there will be a pop up shop at THE COOKIE STUDIO with a few other local artists - details headed your way real soon!

I am excited for all of the changes & I hope you are, too.
After all....you all helped this engine get going.
You encouraged me all the way.
And it turns out that a little encouragement goes a long way with me.

So.  Stay tuned.
Official news to come in a couple of weeks!

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