stirred up.

I'm not sure why I am ever surprised by what the Word of God can stir within a person - but I'm always amazed.  It's like this reminder of His gracious & good work He is doing in each of us.
I think it's one of the reasons I enjoy doing these markets.

Sure, there are times when it is a little bit hard to stand in front of the work I have painted - like yesterday, a nice young woman picked up something I made with my hands, showed it to her mother & her mother scrunched up her face, shook her head, they put it down & walked away.
And there are times when individuals like to tell me what they don't like about the Bible.
And that doesn't happen often, but it has happened.
And it's OK.  Good, even.

And so painting, for me, & putting in front of people, has brought to light some kinks in my armor.
That desire to be approved of creeps up & into my heart during this time of year.
It's a vulnerable thing to do - for anyone who makes things or serves dinner for people or anything that you personally produce - it's a thing that leaves, at least it leaves me, feeling exposed.
But the cool thing about the Word is that while I am painting, I am being covered with reminder after reminder of who He is.
And who I am because of Him.
"Love never fails"
"Be beautiful inside"
"Let the God of peace fill you with hope & love"
And then I'm am able to give it away a little bit easier.

I have the sweetest conversations with people at these markets....
not because I am super friendly, because, well, my friendliness can be inconsistent, especially when I am working on several 4 hour sleep nights in a row.
But so often, someone picks up a piece.  Reads the words....which are not my words.....& sometimes they cry.  And I am overwhelmed......because it's not ever the paint applied to the piece that has driven them to be emotional.  It's always the Word.
The Word stirring something in that person's heart.
It's the presence of God Himself in their life.
And I get to see that.
And that's awesome.

It's been quite a few weeks around here.
I didn't leave room for anything out of the ordinary to happen.
And several out of the ordinaries did happen.
So, I'm sleepy.  And that's a lie, I guess.....I'm flat smack down exhausted.

The Garden Market proved again to be one of the most encouraging days of my whole year.  The vendors & the shoppers always bless my socks off.  It's often like being in a room full of cheerleaders who are cheering for one another & I get to be a part of that party.
And the Northside Market ended today.
Sweet people in both places & I loved being a part of both.
We raised some money for Takes A Whole Village & I always love that.  And I'm thankful to you for making that happen.

And I will be on my official break through the New Year!!!!  Except, of course, for those orders that I have outstanding...they are ON THE WAY!!!  Promise :).

So, thanks to all of you for showing up & encouraging me this season.  It's an amazing kind of overwhelming & I am so very grateful.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving....

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