here we go.....

Lots of exciting things going on around here!
Busily busily preparing for a couple of shows coming up - see the events page for the 411 on that. And there will be a whole new product line coming out - something I have been dreaming about - that may be too dramatic - but it has been on my heart for some time now & I can't wait to introduce you all to it.
It will serve all types of purposes - a blessing for your family, your friends & as always, to help the cause of the orphan.
You have been so generous in your support of this ministry - you have helped families move down the road of adoption - which means you have helped children move steps closer to being a part of a family, you have touched children who remain in orphanages, you have been a part of 5 specific children's lives as they grow together in a group home setting with a loving caregiver. You have acted as the hands & the feet of Jesus in caring for one another.
I am eager to get this Neema shop back up & running.
And I will.
And in the meantime, make sure you come see me at the events coming up. And help spread the word!


holiday harvest market

Well, there's a show coming up this weekend & all the details are here.
Good to be back :).



Well, I took a little time off from painting to relax a little with the family over the summer.
And I will tell you that relaxing is just not what happens when there is an almost 2 year old in the house. But it was nice to have a little bit more of my attention to give to them. I am in the middle of finishing some orders & getting things ready for a few shows coming up AND I have a little something new to offer....I am eager to get a day to tie up all the loose strings of it all.

I hope you have all been well.....I'll be ready to be back in the swing of things real soon - so stay tuned!


busy painting

I've been busy busy painting your orders! It's been great & be on the lookout for an email from me saying that your order is ready! Most of the star shirts are here as well - we're waiting on a couple of onesies to get them all finished. Just wanted to give you a quick update. Thank you for supporting these kids in Tanzania as well as playing a part in bringing baby Gilbert home from Uganda!


I have gotten some questions about the star shirts - great for anytime & especially for the 4th! There are some girl shirts available. Above is one I had made for my little girl. There are also red shirts for the boys....just letting you know your options.
And I was rushing out of town when I posted that last one but Jennie's blocks should have been on that post! These are GREAT! I think one of the cutest ways I saw them displayed was at a baby shower with the child's name on them....they were sitting on the cake, I believe. A great personal idea for these new babies.
So, let me know pretty quick if these are things you want to order - I have a few shirts available in various sizes. Just email me at the contact info listed above.
Thanks so much!


show update

These were some of the items available at the show yesterday. It was so much fun & a total encouragement! Many of these items are already gone - but some are available for either sale or order - Mother's Day is right around the corner!

Like this guy's shirt! I saw him later that afternoon sporting his new shirt - a perfect 4th of July picture! These are $13/ea - let me know if you want to order some. Contact info is above.


Neema Show location change!!

The show tomorrow (APRIL 29) will be at Robbie Jackson's home
1750 Nancy Creek Bluff, 30327


Here's a sampling of what will be at the party on Thursday at Ashley's. There are other things in the works as well as some special order items - one of kind things that you don't want to miss!
Click here for more info about the Home Show to benefit Takes A Whole Village & The Gilbert's adoption from Uganda.


60 feet

We met with some sweet friends last night to pray for the adventure that Dan & Michael are about to embark on beginning tomorrow. (Sarah was there!!!! An amazing answer to prayer) Many of you placed orders & you helped to give money to help the children that they will hopefully be face to face with in Uganda in just a few days. Sixty feet is something that speaks so much about God's heartbeat for caring for His children. These children, in particular & like so many others, need rescuing. Thank you for helping this ministry move forward - you can see your orders in action by following the sixty feet blog.
Check out the events page - a home show is happening in Atlanta. A percentage will continue to help TAWV & a percentage will also help to bring an orphan from Uganda to his/her forever family right here in our community.


some more orders

Just a few orders completed yesterday....

And a big thank you to all of you who placed orders to help 60feet & as always, Takes A Whole Village (Heath & Neema will be here next week & you can come say hey here) - we will see Dan & Michael tonight as they prepare for heading to Uganda in just TWO DAYS!



The winners of the boards are........
Jill & Joy!
I used Random.org to generate the winners - each of you get a board for you or for a friend!
Congratulations & thanks for helping me spread the word.



REMEMBER!!! WEDNESDAY IS THE DRAWING! So get the word out & leave a comment here on the blog!

So here's the deal - TWO of you will win a free $22 board customized however you like.
*All you have to do is post the giveaway on your facebook page or/and on your blog (linking back to this page) &
*Then leave a comment on this blog letting me know that you posted & voila! your name is in the hat for a drawing!

You will be entered for your facebook post AND for your blog post - just let me know in the comments section where you posted.

It's so easy.

The drawing will be held on April 21st! So, get to it! And remember to become a facebook fan or follow the blog so you can stay up to date on future events - like this one coming up next week! And check out the stories section to learn a little bit more about who you are helping.

Y'all are the best!



Some orders I just finished.



I'm am always amazed to see God's people in action. Mukisa is a place in Uganda that needs our help. Word got out about this place. The conditions. The children. It hit deep into the hearts of some people & 2 of those people are heading over there. They are not just talking about it. They are moving. And they are not going unorganized, but rather planning, researching, praying & learning the best way to help not only these children - but the community. As always, this shop is purposed to use the gifts God has given us for a bigger purpose - artists are partnering with this mission. And as always, 15% of the profits will go to help Takes A Whole Village & through Aprtil 22nd (Dan & Michael leave ont he 24th) we will gather another 15% for them to take to hopefull build a well for these people in Uganda. Will you help? Not out of guilt, but out of gratitude - each time you try to meet that 8 cups of water a day goal, remember that it is water that won't make you sick, each time you grab a snack, remember that others just don't have that luxury. For me, it is each time I say good night to my kids, I remember that there are many who do not have a mom or a dad to do that for them. Check out the site & check out the store and spread the word.


Jennie from the Blocks

Way back in 2001, I met Lee (husband) while checking out a Young Life club for the 1st time. Jennie (Connor) Council was on that team. She's a great girl with a great heart who is also super creative. She has added her blocks to the shopping list - also with a percentage of profits going to help TAWV & the other ministries that vary from month to month when ordered through the Neema Shop. Check out the shopping page for more info on how to order these or any of the other gifts available.


they have landed

The shirts to benefit Takes A Whole Village arrived at my doorstep this afternoon & they look GREAT! I'm so excited. It is amazing to see people come together to make a difference...and that's what you did.

See? Our lives count. And they count in an awesome way when we consider another's best interest. These kids are being given a second chance....and so are the people around them...and Heath is being changed because of them, no doubt. Don't we live in a crazy time when we can be connected with people on the other side of the world in such an intimate way?!

We get to see their sweet faces on Heath's blog....what if we let them see our faces...the faces of the actual people who cared enough to just buy a shirt to help them?

What if.....you sent you pictures of you in your shirts to me & we posted them here?

Sarah - what if you & your girls at Auburn got together for a "greatest day of your life" pic.....and the people at the YL office...and the people in other parts of this country that ordered shirts just to support, love on, encourage this ministry & those involved with it? I think it would be awesome.

And I hope you'll join me. Email them here forjames127@gmail.com

Thanks again for your generosity. We are living in a crazy time...and the opportunity to lift one another up is so great. It's a privilege to be a part of something like this with you.


tshirt update

Shirts should be here later this week - I'll get them delivered/shipped out as soon as I can after that. Thanks again to all of you supported this cause - we're so excited!


More on Sarah & some bibs!

This is the precious family you have all been so generously helping this month of March. This is Sarah & her brothers hanging out together in her crib at the hospital. They have come to love one another so quickly....she's been here just a month & she's been through so much in that short month. This family is amazing. Thank you! Thank you! for your orders...for your encouragement & for spreading the word. Keep it all coming. I'll keep you posted. And here are some of the bibs that Nancy has made for the Neema Shop! They are $13/each


update on the Levys

Can I just say how fun it is to paint these days? Just when painting was feeling like...yes, an outlet for me.....but why not more.....it was around that time that God rocked my world & began to break my heart & since then I have been able to use this God given simple little gift to do something. And I cannot do it alone. It takes community. I can paint all I want but if no one buys it then the money cannot be used for grander things.
I got to be with Sarah today. Such a joy.
I can't explain the strength of who she is & that there is no doubt in my mind that she was plucked out of that orphanage where she was alone into this family...I cannot explain how very on pupose all of it is. She is something. A spit-fire.
So thank you to all of you who have been placing orders - it is so amazing to be able to look at someone & have them know that many people worked together to give her a gift. And i think the encouragement of it all is incredible.
It is to me. I am certain that it is for this family.
And so it will continue through the month of March for the Levys.....so keep your orders coming!
And I'll post more artists as I fumble through & figure this whole thing out.
Stay tuned!


31/2 hour count down....

Today is the last day to order shirts for TAWV. We will close orders at NOON! Go here to help us help these kids.


hey from Heath & Neema

Remember to order your shirts from the "events" section or just click here.