update on the Levys

Can I just say how fun it is to paint these days? Just when painting was feeling like...yes, an outlet for me.....but why not more.....it was around that time that God rocked my world & began to break my heart & since then I have been able to use this God given simple little gift to do something. And I cannot do it alone. It takes community. I can paint all I want but if no one buys it then the money cannot be used for grander things.
I got to be with Sarah today. Such a joy.
I can't explain the strength of who she is & that there is no doubt in my mind that she was plucked out of that orphanage where she was alone into this family...I cannot explain how very on pupose all of it is. She is something. A spit-fire.
So thank you to all of you who have been placing orders - it is so amazing to be able to look at someone & have them know that many people worked together to give her a gift. And i think the encouragement of it all is incredible.
It is to me. I am certain that it is for this family.
And so it will continue through the month of March for the Levys.....so keep your orders coming!
And I'll post more artists as I fumble through & figure this whole thing out.
Stay tuned!

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