they have landed

The shirts to benefit Takes A Whole Village arrived at my doorstep this afternoon & they look GREAT! I'm so excited. It is amazing to see people come together to make a difference...and that's what you did.

See? Our lives count. And they count in an awesome way when we consider another's best interest. These kids are being given a second chance....and so are the people around them...and Heath is being changed because of them, no doubt. Don't we live in a crazy time when we can be connected with people on the other side of the world in such an intimate way?!

We get to see their sweet faces on Heath's blog....what if we let them see our faces...the faces of the actual people who cared enough to just buy a shirt to help them?

What if.....you sent you pictures of you in your shirts to me & we posted them here?

Sarah - what if you & your girls at Auburn got together for a "greatest day of your life" pic.....and the people at the YL office...and the people in other parts of this country that ordered shirts just to support, love on, encourage this ministry & those involved with it? I think it would be awesome.

And I hope you'll join me. Email them here forjames127@gmail.com

Thanks again for your generosity. We are living in a crazy time...and the opportunity to lift one another up is so great. It's a privilege to be a part of something like this with you.

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