I'm am always amazed to see God's people in action. Mukisa is a place in Uganda that needs our help. Word got out about this place. The conditions. The children. It hit deep into the hearts of some people & 2 of those people are heading over there. They are not just talking about it. They are moving. And they are not going unorganized, but rather planning, researching, praying & learning the best way to help not only these children - but the community. As always, this shop is purposed to use the gifts God has given us for a bigger purpose - artists are partnering with this mission. And as always, 15% of the profits will go to help Takes A Whole Village & through Aprtil 22nd (Dan & Michael leave ont he 24th) we will gather another 15% for them to take to hopefull build a well for these people in Uganda. Will you help? Not out of guilt, but out of gratitude - each time you try to meet that 8 cups of water a day goal, remember that it is water that won't make you sick, each time you grab a snack, remember that others just don't have that luxury. For me, it is each time I say good night to my kids, I remember that there are many who do not have a mom or a dad to do that for them. Check out the site & check out the store and spread the word.

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